Unified State Exam [USE] – EGE

EGE or Unified State Exam is the universal exam for all Year 11 graduates. Math (basic or advanced level) and Russian language are compulsory, and there’s a range of optional elective exams – Physics, Chem, Biology, History, Social Science, Literature, foreign languages – normally university requires one or two elective subjects for a program admission. Top universities minimal score for full tuition scholarship starts around 270+/300, some top universities also have the right to arrange internal exams and interviews.

The exam is a form of state final certification (GIA) for educational programs of secondary education. During the exam, control measuring materials of a standardized form are used.

In Russian admission system, school grades or extracurricular activities matter little, exam score is almost the most important factor. Only good olympiad results beat it – few of All-Russian olympiads give you an automatic admission to most universities

EGE [tr. ЕГЭ] (or GIA [tr. ГИА] – the 9th grade equivalent for those wishing to pursue an education at a college) is the mandatory exam for all public Russian-school graduates who wish to attend a higher level of education within Russia. The exam consists of four components, two of which are mandatory (Russia language acquisition and Mathematics higher and standard level) and two of which are electives (most commonly predetermined by the path/major chosen by the student during the 9th year of school before the EGE).

For some prestigious universities this grade is the determining factor for admissions, however, it is the optional Olympiads that contribute majorly to the admissions decision-making.456 views

To obtain a certificate, graduates of grade 11 pass two compulsory subjects: Russian language and mathematics. Participants pass other USE subjects on a voluntary basis, depending on the chosen specialty and university. If you decide to enter a humanitarian university, then you will be interested in the course of preparation for passing the exam in the English language .

To pass the exam are allowed:

  • Graduates of 9 classes of educational institutions of the Russian Federation with annual marks in all subjects no lower than “3” and successfully wrote the final essay (presentation)
  • colleges students
  • graduates of past years: schools, colleges
  • foreign graduates

Thus, if a student has a deuce in one of the subjects, he will not be allowed to pass the exam and will remain “in the second year”.


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