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NEET Question Papers 2021 – As per the NEET 2021 latest news, the National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the medical exam on September 12. Aspirants aiming to crack the exam must be aware of previous years’ NEET Question Papers. Solving the NEET previous year’s questions will surely give a boost to the candidate’s preparation.

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What are the Benefits of Solving Sample Papers for NEET?

Below we have provided some of the most important benefits of solving the NEET Sample Papers.

  • You get a real-time experience about the actual difficulty levels or standards of the NEET question paper.
  • One becomes familiar with the types of questions, exam paper pattern, and marks distribution of the NEET exam.
  • It gives students a clear idea of the time management factor. All they get is 3 hours to answer the questions. The model paper prepares them to remain concentrated during the three hours, and helps them to learn how to answer all the questions within that time limit tactfully.
  • The sample paper gives you an idea of priority. You should know which questions will fetch you marks and should be answered first, and which questions you should answer later.
  • Answering the questions in a set limit of time will help the aspirants increase their thinking skills and solve the questions fast.
  • You can highlight the NEET important questions and solutions at the time of practicing from the NEET exam model question paper and revise them accordingly when the exam will knock at the door.
  • Students can make a note of their weaker areas and subjects that need more practice. Hence, they can analyze their level of preparation.
  • The model papers will help students overcome the fear of examinations. It will teach them to handle pressure, anxiety, and stress. They will get to know about the actual exam environment, with the NEET Mock Test. It will help them rectify their mistakes.

Tips for Solving the NEET Sample Papers

Read all the questions and pick out which to answer first. Pick out those questions which will fetch you marks. Attempt the questions only if you are sure of the answer. Don’t waste your time on questions that are unknown to you. Attempt the easy ones first. After you finish, check on what time you have completed it. If you are taking more than 3 hours, then you need to work on your time management. Note down your mistakes and weaker areas. Go through your mistakes and practice that concept again so that you don’t face the same problems.

Inferences You Need to Draw After Solving The Papers

After solving the NEET Sample Papers, you need to have a clear idea on the exam pattern, format, marking scheme, and distribution of subjective and objective questions. Having a clear picture will help you understand which questions will take time. You will be able to point out the important topics and also the topics that you need to practice more. After all, practising more questions makes you more prepared. The three hours becomes the most challenging time in the life of a medical aspirant. You may forget the answers you already know. Hence be mentally prepared, stay calm and focused during the exam.

Did You Know?

1. Which book to refer to study NEET Biology?

Answer: Objective Biology for NEET by Trueman.

2. Which book to refer to for studying NEET Chemistry?

Answer: GRB Publication Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey.

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