NEET 2021 Analysis Check Subject wise Exam Analysis

NEET 2021 analysis has been prepared based on expert views and student reactions. According to the NEET 2021 analysis, the difficulty level of the exam is moderate. Physics has been termed as the toughest section whereas Biology has been named as the easiest section in NEET 2021. The changed pattern of NEET 2021 has resulted in the exam being more time-consuming than usual. All the questions were asked from the NEET 2021 syllabus and the question topics were NCERT based. The NEET 2021 analysis will help aspirants understand the difficulty level of the question paper and help predict the cutoffs for that year. Candidates can refer to NEET analysis to check the feedback of the students who appeared for the examination. They can also find the section-wise distribution of questions in the exam analysis of NEET. Many known institutions known for NEET coaching release the analysis of the question paper after the examination is conducted. Candidates can find a detailed NEET analysis of the question papers of the past three years here. 

NEET 2021 Analysis 

NEET 2021 was conducted in an offline mode on September 12 in the new exam pattern. Each subject – Physics, Chemistry and Biology was divided into two sections, Section A and Section B carrying 35 and 15 questions respectively. In Section B, candidates had to attempt 10 questions only. Experts from various coaching institutes released their analysis post the conclusion of the exam. Candidates can read the detailed NEET 2021 analysis here.  

NEET Analysis 2021: Detailed

The exam analysis of NEET question paper 2021 aims to help the candidates get an idea of the difficulty level of the examination. According to the feedback received from various students, NEET 2021 question paper was of moderate difficulty level. The section-wise NEET analysis is given below:

NEET 2021 Analysis for Physics

The Physics section of NEET 2021 was the most difficult section. It comprised 45 questions and was dominated by questions from Electricity, Modern Physics and Mechanics together comprised 65 per cent of the Physics section. The questions were mostly formula-based. According to the experts, the questions were lengthy in nature and hence was time-consuming. The questions were numeric-based and around four to five questions were tricky in nature. The section covered the majority of the topics from the NEET 2021 syllabus and was NCERT-based. Section A The following table brings the topic-wise number and difficulty level of the Physics questions that appeared in Section A.

SHM & Waves200
Modern & electronics241

Section BThe second section of Physics was dominated by Mechanics and Electrodynamics. The difficulty level of the questions was moderate to tough. The table below brings the topic-wise distribution of questions in terms of difficulty level. 

SHM & Waves000
Modern & electronics001

NEET 2021 Analysis for Chemistry

This section of the NEET question paper 2021 was dominated by NCERT based questions. The 45 questions that comprised this section had more theoretical questions, also, 31 per cent of the total number of questions asked were easy to moderate and candidates could score well in this section. According to the experts, the weightage of the Inorganic Chemistry section was high whereas that of the Physical Chemistry section was low. The questions were mostly fundamental but there were four to five graph-based and numerical questions in this section.

Section A

The following table brings the topic-wise number and difficulty level of the Chemistry questions that appeared in Section A.

Organic Chemistry Class 11220
Organic Chemistry Class 12421
Inorganic Chemistry Class 11150
Inorganic Chemistry Class 12322
Physical Chemistry Class 11140
Physical Chemistry Class 12321
Total 24174

Section B

This section was of easy to moderate difficulty level with a uniform distribution of questions. 

Organic Chemistry Class 11001
Organic Chemistry Class 12131
Inorganic Chemistry Class 11200
Inorganic Chemistry Class 12020
Physical Chemistry Class 11110
Physical Chemistry Class 12111
Total 573

NEET 2021 Analysis for Biology

The Biology section was the easiest section in the question paper of NEET 2021. This section comprised 90 questions, which was segregated into questions from Botany and Zoology. The experts stated that the Botany section was tougher than that of the Zoology section. On the other hand, the Zoology section was mostly asked from the Class 12 syllabus. Maximum questions were asked from the Human Physiology topic and the Ecology section had the lowest weightage.

The Zoology section of NEET 2021 was easy to moderate. Nearly 30 per cent of the questions can be considered difficult. This section was mainly dominated by questions from Animal Husbandry, Biotechnology, Human Reproduction and Biomolecules. The Botany section of NEET 2021 was comparatively tougher than the Zoology section. Nearly 30 per cent of the questions can be considered easy. This section was mainly dominated by questions from Genetics, cell and cell cycle, diversity of life and structural organisation of plants. Take a look at the topic-wise distribution of the Botany section of Biology asked in NEET 2021.The following table brings the distribution of Botany and Zoology topic-wise questions from both sections.

TopicsNumber of Questions
Morphology of Flowering Plants2
Anatomy of Flowering Plants2
Plant Physiology8
Reproduction in Plants4
Plant Diversity5
Cell Biology and Cell Division5
Genetics and Molecular Basis of Inheritance5
Strategies of Enhancement in Food Production2
Animal Diversity4
Structural Organisation in Animals3
Human Physiology12
Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health4
Human Health Diseases3
Microbes in Human Welfare1
Plant Diversity1
Cell Biology and Cell Division4
Genetics and Molecular Basis of Inheritance6
Strategies of Enhancement in Food Production2

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