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  1. Top Demanding Course            – BDSFull Form of BAMS                     – Bachelor of Dental SurgeryCourse Duration                         – 5 Years Regular Degree ProgramDegree Level of BAMS               – Undergraduate Degree programBAMS Course Designed […]
  2. Civil engineers get recruited by Construction Firms, Defence Forces Development Boards Municipal Bodies, etc. They work in public and private sectors in all branches of design, construction, maintenance of roads, highways, bridges, dams, canals, docks, airports, housing complexes and in environmental management, etc. Civil engineers also work in quality testing laboratories, Military and defence services and as consultants.
  3. Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice in India. Its scope is growing rapidly not only in India but around the world. When the allopathic system becomes failure in a particular disease, the Ayurvedic medicine does the magic to rejuvenate the patient.

    To aware the scholars with the concepts of Ayurveda so that Ayurvedic concepts can be applied for the medical treatment of patients. The Ayurvedism with the latest techniques of cure is cover by the BAMS program. A combination of both (Ayurveda + Modern Medical Techniques) are learn by the scholars in the curriculum.

  4. B.Sc Operating Theater is the science of how to run an operating room suite. Operational operating room management focuses on maximizing operational efficiency at the facility, i.e. to maximize the number of surgical cases that can be done on a given day while minimizing the required resources and related costs.
  5. B.Sc Optometry

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  6. GNM program is draw for those who wish to see their profession in clinical nursing. It deals with the education of nurses in general health care, nursing, and midwifery. The curriculum learns to students, about the care and health recovery of persons who are sick or injured.
  7. Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology BMLT is an important part in the modern healthcare field. As the advancement of medical techniques, the physician requires skilled technicians help in the medical laboratories for the treatment of diseases
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