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  1. With the pursuit of B.Tech. Computer Science course any individual is prepared to take jobs into various software firms and organizations which provide a platform for their talent to be nurtured. The trend set in getting a job is generally depended upon on-campus placements. Every year there are large campus recruitment drives organized by large companies coming together to hire in bulk in which graduates can participate.
  2. An Engineering program which seamlessly articulates the concepts from basic sciences to technology with relevant practice through labs and projects for building the problem solving skills, keeping industry requirements in place. Students will develop competence in areas like Signal Processing, Communication systems, VLSI Design, Embedded systems and Robotics etc.
  3. Physiotherapy is an independent profession, declared by WHO (World Health Organization). BPT syllabus is very much similar to the medical courses. Physiotherapist having sound knowledge of medications very well but can’t prescribe as not advised by international association of physiotherapy. Physios can suffix Drs. after their name.
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