NEET Dress Code 2023 for Male and Female Candidates by NTA

NEET 2023 will be conducted on May 7. NTA has specified the dress code for NEET 2023 and also released a list of items barred inside the examination hall. Unless a candidate adheres to the NEET 2023 dress code, he or she will not be allowed to enter the exam hall.

NEET dress code for 2023 has been announced by the National Testing Agency (NTA) along with the NEET 2023 notification and information bulletin. NEET 2023 will be conducted on May 7. The NEET 2023 dress code and instructions must be followed by candidates on the day of the exam, failing which, they may be deterred from appearing in the exam. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has issued a list of prohibited objects in the examination hall, as well as a NEET 2023 dress code. Candidates who would be appearing for the entrance test must abide by the NEET 2023 dress code. Non-compliance with the NEET 2023 dress code will result in disqualification and the candidate’s inability to take the test. Along with the dress code, this article of Shiksha also provides the list of objects which are prohibited inside the NEET 2023 exam centre.

Dress code for NEET 2023

NTA has prescribed the NEET 2023 dress code under three heads.

NEET Dress Code 2023 for Male Candidates:

For male candidates appearing for NEET 2023, NTA has stated the following guidelines regarding dress code:

  • According to the dress code of NEET for male aspirants, long or full-sleeve shirts/ t-shirts are not allowed
  • Clothes should be simple and should not have zips, pockets, huge buttons, etc.
  • Male aspirants can wear simple trousers/pants
  • Layers of clothing and kurta pyjamas should also be avoided
  • Shoes, boots, or any covered footwear are not allowed. Candidates are advised to wear slippers or open-toed sandals

NEET Dress Code 2023 for Female Candidates:

Female candidates have to follow the following guidelines regarding NEET 2023 dress code on the exam day:

  • Similar to the dress code of NEET for male candidates, female candidates are also advised to wear half sleeve t-shirts/shirts/kurta
  • Long sleeves and fancy sleeves clothing is not permitted
  • Clothing should be simple and should not have elaborate embroidery, buttons, frills, etc.
  • Metallic/non-metallic jewellery has to be avoided
  • Slippers, sandals or low heels are allowed but closed shoes are not allowed
  • Candidates are advised to wear open sandals or slippers

NEET Dress Code 2023 Exceptions

Candidates who will not be able to follow the dress code for NEET 2023 due to religious beliefs have to mention the same while filling the application form for NEET 2023. Such candidates had to select the ‘Customary Dress’ option while filling the NEET application form 2023. Those opting to wear the customary dress have to report at least an hour early for proper frisking and security procedures. In such cases, candidates need to reach the exam centre by 12.30 pm so that there is sufficient time for proper security checks without any inconvenience to the candidate while maintaining the sanctity of the exam.

NEET 2023 Dress Code: COVID-19 Guidelines

Keeping in mind the safety of candidates on the exam day, the NEET dress code has undergone a few changes in the past couple of years and it is expected that the same will be followed for NEET 2023 as well. The dress code for NEET 2023 exam day during COVID times are listed below:

  • All candidates must wear a mask which is covering their nose and mouth.
  • They must carry a transparent water bottle with them, water dispenser facility has been discontinued as a preventive measure.
  • Candidates must carry a 50 ml bottle of hand sanitizer with them on the exam day.
  • Candidates may be allowed to wear gloves while at the exam center.
  • Candidates have to carry the filled-up and signed Self Declaration (Undertaking) as a mandatory document along with the NEET 2023 admit card and valid photo identity proof.

Items prohibited inside the NEET 2023 examination hall

Along with the NEET dress code 2023, NTA has listed the names of the things that a candidate is not supposed to carry on the day of the examination. If found in possession of any of the below-mentioned items, the candidate will not be allowed to complete the NEET 2023 examination and will have to leave the examination hall.

List of banned items at NEET 2023 exam centre:

The following items are not allowed to be carried to the NEET 2023 exam centre

  • Any test-based material (written/printed)
  • Pencil box/pouches/geometry box
  • Electronic or communication devices such as mobile phones, smartwatches, cameras, Bluetooth, fitness bands, earphones, pager, microchips, etc.
  • Calculator, electronic pens, scanners, etc.
  • Stationery items such as pens, scales, erasers, etc.
  • Accessories such as bags, belts, caps, goggles, wallets, etc.
  • Any ornaments such as earrings, nose pins, necklaces with pendants, bracelets or bangles, watches, etc.
  • Eatables (packed or home-cooked unless a candidate has a certain health condition)

Candidates must note that the NEET exam centres will not have any designated space for storing the barred items. Hence, candidates should either hand over these items to their parents or guardians or should not carry those to avoid any hassle.

The NEET entrance test, which is conducted for admissions to the first year of MBBS/BDS and other undergraduate medical courses, has resulted in the dissolution of the other medical entrance examinations. This has made NEET the most important and popular medical entrance exam in India.

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NEET Dress Code 2022: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Will candidates with tattoos be allowed to appear for the exam?

A. Candidates with elaborate tattoos will not be allowed to appear for the examination. However, those having small tattoos or tattoos in unexposed parts of their body will be allowed to take the test. Although there is no specific instruction regarding tattoos given in the NEET 2023 dress code, tattoos may be considered unacceptable by the exam centre officials.

Q. Can I wear floral printed clothes on NEET 2023 exam day?

A: According to the NEET 2023 dress code, candidates are advised to wear plain clothes in light colour only and large prints are not allowed. Hence, floral or any kind of printed fabric will not be allowed to appear for the NEET 2023 exam.

Q. Can I wear full sleeves kurta on the exam day?

A. Full sleeves clothes are not allowed on the exam day. According to NEET dress code 2023, candidates must wear clothes that have short sleeves. Wearing long sleeve clothes may be deemed as following unfair means. Hence, candidates should wear half sleeve shirts or t shirts only.

Q. Can I wear a normal wristwatch on NEET 2023 exam day?

A. NEET 2023 dress code strictly prohibits candidates from wearing any kind of watch/ornaments at the exam centre. In case a test-taker visits the NEET exam centre wearing wristwatch, he/she will have to take it off and deposit to the centre authorities or to their parents/guardians accompanying the candidate to the exam centre.

Q. Can I wear formal shoes on the NEET 2023 exam day?

A. No, only open-toed shoes/sandals/chappals are allowed in the NEET dress code 2023. Candidates are also barred from wearing high heels or thick sole closed shoes. Moreover, wearing socks is also not allowed while going for the NEET 2023 exam.

Q. Is it mandatory to choose the customary NEET 2023 dress code option in the application form if I wear my religious attire.

A. Candidates wearing a customary dress have to choose the respective option while filling the application form for NEET 2023. Unless they choose this check box, they will face difficulty in convincing the exam centre officials to allow them entry to the centre.

Q. What will happen if I don’t follow the NEET dress code 2023?

A. Candidates found violating the dress code of NEET 2023 will not be allowed to appear for the examination. Hence, it is advised that candidates check the NEET 2023 dress code released by NTA properly and adhere by the guidelines.
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